Expertise & Values

We don’t settle for anything less than high quality.

We hear it all the time from our customers: “A key difference between Mountainside Medical and other outsource manufacturers is your high quality standards.” It’s because our employees share a passion for doing the best work possible. Their values drive the quality that makes Mountainside Medical unique and able to deliver the level of excellence customers have come to expect.

We make sure your products get to market on time.

We’ve taken significant steps to implement processes that streamline production and always satisfy committed delivery dates. This includes integrating ERP/MRP software into our systems, giving us complete control and traceability over all manufactured components.

We know how to address the toughest problems.

We’re often asked to solve incredibly complex technical issues and cost-effectively move a project from prototype to production. Luckily, our team has the experience to address the most challenging requirements.

We protect profitability by lowering our customers’ costs—year over year.

It’s how we do business: We provide year-over-year cost reductions on a contractual basis.  When doing so, we consider everything from the more efficient use of materials to the re-engineering of products for price reductions.

Transparent, open-book pricing: It sets the stage for a successful partnership.

Mountainside Medical believes in transparent, open-book pricing. You’ll see that we make investments in only what’s needed for delivering on what’s promised.  Taking this transparent approach never leaves you wondering whether you are getting fair pricing.